Why opt Wiki for your business?

Wiki is for everyone that focus on delivering their customers and viewers information about their business, brand or services. Unlike other platforms, Wiki is easy to setup and allows you to style your site to match your orignal brand so you can make it yours.


Publish information about your products, policies and more. Customers love when they find everything in one place.


Want to publish important news about your services? No worries, Wiki has announcement board included.


Setup your dedicated Wiki hosted helpdesk in less than a minute. Your support managed on the cloud.

Wiki is in Beta mode.
Help us by reporting bugs and suggesting features.
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Your questions, our answers..

Yes, sign up and you will be able to setup Wiki site for free.
Yes, Wiki has setup its own site hosted on URL https://docs.wiki.pk, you can take a look for reference.
Yes, you can customize colors from within the Wiki account - this will help you deliver same feel as you have on your business site.

About Wiki

Wiki helps you build your customer support presence in no time, so you can focus on your business! Want to build a platform to help your customers find information? This is the place for you.